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Greetings, game enthusiasts!


Blockchain technology has become a part of a digital world in its own right: each and everyone of us has come across this phenomenon.   The technological revolution also extends to the gaming industry. Smart contract has recently opened a brand new world for blockchain game development pioneers.

First small steps of developers led to a launch that can only be compared to that of SpaceX, the launch of Cryptokitties. This made us realize that the new world is here and now.

After studying more than a hundred of blockchain projects, it is obvious that the revolution in game industry is unstoppable. Together, dear readers, we would love to follow the “New Testament” of the game-tech field. is the first platform dedicated to blockchain games. Together we will lift the veil of mystery, follow new projects, share the experience, go throw heartbreaks of losing and document the glory of winning. is the first online community devoted to blockchain games. It is a platform to be created and developed by the community. It is a call to draw your attention to the blockchain technology. A call made by gamers to gamers.

We sincerely hope that the enthusiasm of blockchain-gaming pioneers will turn habitual view of the game industry. We hope to be a part of this chain of events. Let’s go!