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5 TOP blockchain based game

5 TOP blockchain based game

5 TOP blockchain based game 30.04.2018

Blockchain based games have become really popular because of the security and privacy it provides. There are many games which use blockchain technology and here is a list of top five games based on blockchain.


1. Game Machine

Game Machine is a global ecosystem that brings together developers, gamers and advertisers to communicate and engage in improving product quality and developing industry based on blockchain technology. Game machine is able to create a loyal audience for its game by providing a mining platform it can generate cryptocurrency GMT by means of principles of Limited Proof of Work (LPoW) which can be further utilised to buy in-game items. Various researches shows that this game has the potential to reach more than 380 million gamers with total worth of around US$696 million by this year end. With the blockchain technology resolving the issue of lack of transparency, this industry is expected to grow in the coming years.

2. PlayKey

PlayKey is a cloud gaming platform which is decentralised and is based on P2P blockchain technology.  It has payment tiers which determine how the gamers play and also they get to select the stream quality of the game. Gamers have two options to play, either purchasing them directly from PlayKey or by making use of their own Steam game library. This game has a unique business model by collaborating with game publishers to promote the game through virtualization service and not taking any revenues from them. The main benefit of this game is that everyone, even those who can’t afford the hardware gets access to more than 150 games for a very reasonable fee. 

3. Abyss

Abyss is described as the next generation digital distribution platform for developers and gamers. With new features and the added security by blockchain, this gaming platform distinguishes itself from other platforms like origin or steam. This game also has the five level referral program which gives opportunity for gamers to promote games and reduce marketing costs for the publishers and developers. The gamers of Abyss have the chance to accumulate cryptocurrency with referral or from various achievements in the game.    

4. Game Protocol

Game Protocol platform, founded by the GamyTech team I a centralized gaming ecosystem based on decentralized game store, co-working community, a crypto-based crowdfunding platform, and a set of tools for developers. It also gives gamers the opportunity to contribute to game development through Game Protocol Tokens in exchange for a certain amount of in-game cryptocurrencies.

5. DMarket

DMarket enables developers, gamers and entrepreneurs to evaluate and trade virtual assets securely by transforming any virtual item to a commodity with the use of blockchain technology. It also connects different gaming worlds that are essentially disconnected from each other. DMarket has its own tokens which will be used in the market place exclusively for trades.