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Collecting games on Blockchain

Collecting games on Blockchain

Collecting games on Blockchain 22.03.2018

As the emerging blockchain technology has created sort of a revolution in the online gaming industry, lots of different games have sprung up and becoming widely popular among the usual gamers and attracting the attention of the new players getting introduced to the cryptocurrency community. Among the different types of games, collecting games based on blockchain is gaining momentum. These games are basically played to collect virtual items or objects known as cryptocollectibles. These cryptocollectibles or digital items or virtual assets also have the same potential for appreciation like Bitcoins and Ethereum. This becomes a great incentive for the gamers to become interested in such games as a way to get their hands on to something valuable. These collecting games thus expand the reach of influence of the cryptocurrency by creating new markets and stimulating greater participation.

Some of the popular collecting games are


Cryptokitties is cryptocollectibles game from Axiom Zen, a Canadian tech company. It is an Ethereum-based game that allows the players to use smart contracts to breed digital cats. It has become one of the highly popular games since its launch last year.

The game targets to create a new generation of digital cats by buying and breeding the cats. The digital cats are essentially smart contracts with distinct set of attributes for each cat. Demand and supply factors in the market determine the value of different species of digital cats. There are species worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in ether. 


This is another cryptocollectible game based on blockchain technology which is involved in creating a marketplace for virtual assets while enjoying the fun of playing the game. This game builds upon what was created by cryptokitties and uses the same non-fungible tokens ERC-721 as well. This is a game in the medieval genres where unlocking chests, collecting gears and trading are the main attractions. There is a battle field in the game where two players can battle each other to collect loot or forge new gear. The virtual assets in this game also have distinct attributes based on level, power and rarity which determine its value in the marketplace. MetaMask plugin will be required to be installed in Chrome to play this game.


Collecting the pictures of celebrities, sports persons or other famous personalities have been a hobby that everyone would have pursued at one point of time in their lives.  This cryptocollectible game is based on that passion where you can buy, sell or trade cards with celebrity pictures on them. Each of the cards is a smart contract and the value of the card is determined by the popularity of the celebrity in the real world.