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TOP BLOCKCHAIN BASED GAMES like Etherbots, Cryptokitties

TOP BLOCKCHAIN BASED GAMES like Etherbots, Cryptokitties

TOP BLOCKCHAIN BASED GAMES like Etherbots, Cryptokitties 08.05.2018

There has been a very positive change in the way the internet games are played with the introduction of blockchain technology. This is due to the increased amount of trust and transparency this technology has brought into the gaming world. The increased trust also paved way for cryptocollectible games where gamers could collect virtual assets and trade them like cryptocurrencies. These items were valued according to market demands and players found these games to be greatly attractive to gain more incentives while playing.

Cryptokitties, EtherWarfare, Etherbots, Ether Quest, Spells of Genesis and Cryptocelebrities are some of the top blockchain based games currently available. These games allow the players to collect different types of collectibles as well.


This game involves collecting digital cats which are essential smart contracts with unique identification features. There are different species of these digital cats that you can collect and trade and the value of each species is determined by the market demand. This is such a popular game that it has caused disruption of network after its launch.


This is another collectible game based on blockchain technology where robots are collected and traded. There are four parts to Etherbots namely melee arm, defence arm, a turret and body. The player has complete ownership of the robot and has the freedom to do whatever he or she chooses with it. It can be traded, used in battle or upgraded according to your choice.


This is a blockchain game based on medieval stories and has battles to fight and win to collect virtual items. Just like the Cryptokitties and Etherbots this game also uses the non-fungible ERC-721 tokens.  Based on power, rarity and level each collectible in this game has unique attributes which also determines its value in the market.


This game involves collecting and trading cards containing the pictures of famous personalities and celebrities.  Based on the popularity of the person in the real world, the card is bought and sold at the market place. We can find celebrity cards for Barak Obama, Donald Trump, Elon Musk  to name a few and also which were valued high in the market.

Spells of Genesis

This is a Bitcoin game built on blockchain which is a cross between a classic arcade feature and trading card game. This game was developed by a Swiss based company called EverdreamSoft.  It is introduced as the first card trading game running on Bitcoin blockchain. The game uses Cryptocurrency, Bitcrystals (BCY) to collect and trade cards. 

These are some of the most popular blockchain games that are available in the market for players and enthusiasts of cryptocollectibles. These games offer the opportunity to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology usage more popular worldwide and in turn to boost blockchain commerce.